Friday, March 27, 2009


It has been three months since I lasted posted any comments on Pillsbury History Guy. As regular readers of this blog know, as well as folks who know anything about Christian higher education in this country, Pillsbury Baptist Bible College closed its doors on December 31, 2008. Many of our students have transferred to other Christian colleges and are doing fine. Dr. Greg Huffman, president of Pillsbury College, has been visiting our former Pillsbury students at some of these other schools during the past few weeks. We are grateful that several of our sister schools graciously accepted our students for second semester. We will also be conducting a graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 24, for seniors, faculty, and anyone else who can attend. Graduating seniors will receive the last diplomas that Pillsbury will ever have the opportunity to award.

As for our Pillsbury faculty and staff, some have found employment at other schools, ministries, and churches. Some have yet to find full employment for the next school year. I would ask your prayers for them. Most of us have been working at "temp" jobs the last several weeks. Some of us did not know we had so many different talents and abilities! From time to time, God has a way of reminding us that our ways are not necessarily His ways.

Nancy and I have sought out various employment possibilities, both in Owatonna and elsewhere. We made a couple of trips in January to check out some possible job offers. In recent days, we were offered and accepted positions at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. I will be the supervisor for the "Center for Academic Success," and Nancy will become a reference librarian at Mack Library on campus. We will be returning "home" in a manner of speaking. Nancy and I met at BJU while we were undergraduates, we got married in 1970, and we graduated in 1971. I taught history in the University, and Nancy was the librarian at Bob Jones Elementary School from 1972 to 1983. Five of our children were born at Barge Hospital on campus. It's also worth noting that our oldest daughter Cynthia teaches in the Nursing Division at BJU.

It will be difficult to leave the Owatonna community. We love Pillsbury College, Grace Baptist Church, and many folks in our community. Nancy and I have been involved in the schools over the years, what with all seven of our kids graduating from Owatonna High School. I also have been a volunteer with the Republican Party here in Owatonna and Steele County, and I have served as an election judge in every election since we arrived in 1984. It has been my honor to play my oboe in the Owatonna Community Band and Owatonna Community Orchestra, and I have become very good friends with a number of talented and gifted musicians during our quarter century in Owatonna.

The bottom line to all of this is something I heard long ago: "Things are not going to be like they have always been." As we face the prospect and challenge of moving to Greenville in June, we covet your prayers.


Jim Peet said...

Best wishes Friend!

Minnesota will miss you as well!

I envy to be moving to a milder climate!

Benjamin Fugate 2020 said...

Hey Mr. McGuire, do not stop being involved in politics. You should join the party down in SC when you move there. I hope the best for you and your wife.

Ann said...

I remember you from your Bob Jones days. I was Ann Klopfenstein and taught in the junior high for 11 years - Sometimes I ate with your family in the dining common. Now my son is a student there, so we may run into each other again!

Pikcartofficial said...

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